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The main sphere of globalization is the international system of economy, but it bears in itself a number of difficulties – because of unequal rate of development and opportunities of the countries, interdependence and interpenetration can become a potential source of risks, problems and the conflicts.

Secondly, on the one hand, there is "short circuit" of the post-industrial world, to another - the increasing inability of other countries to transform the economic systems according to requirements of time.

Undoubtedly, the European Union is a fruit of federalistic approach, though in a little changed form. One more compromise which allowed something bigger, than cooperation on a konfederalistsky basis was necessary. The decision, as well brilliant, as well as simple, was too weak to pass through an abyss of the European autonomy.

At the same time the aspiration of NIS to export activization which main condition of success is maintenance of low prices of labor, interferes with development of domestic market, impossible without formation of wide middle class. Thus, transferring of accent from maximizing material consumption will have the extremely negative impact on developing countries on broader assimilation of information and acquisition of services which is observed in the post-industrial world, undoubtedly.

Scientific and technical revolution – the major global factor in a root changing all structure of modern production and life of people. Level of economic development, a place of the state in world system, define its intellectual potential, possibilities of formation of research infrastructure, capital investment in education and vocational training.

Schuman's plan for creation of ECSC which was the prerequisite of the French-German reconciliation, became a starting point on creation of a new order in Europe at which any armed conflicts would become not only unacceptable, but also impossible. Both the Commonwealth, and the Union succeeded that this ideal became reality. Today it is simply impossible to imagine emergence of armed conflict between the Union countries.

The first step in creation of domestic market was to cancel all customs duties imposed on import and export between member countries till this time, and the Agreement developed the plan on gradual removal of all octrois within 12 years.

Amerikanotsentrizm is promoted also by some weakening of the position of the European countries in world economy and at the same time increase of a role of the countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America where the American influence is most notable. It is obvious that in the short term this tendency will remain in spite of the fact that the specific weight of the USA in world economy is relatively reduced.

The same belongs and to direct foreign investments. Both export and import of these investments usually are connected and with the internal investment activity necessary for service foreign (especially mixed) the companies in this country, or in connection with activity of own companies abroad.

Cost restrictions have something in common, in fact, with quantitative, as if being their expression. That is, without being quotas or a ban, they do import of some goods inefficient or even impossible.

It led to that the USA became the world leader on the main directions of fundamental science. Thus positions of the USA in world science constantly become stronger, including due to attraction to the country of foreign scientific elite, use of research capacity of foreign branches of the American corporations, programs of the international scientific and technical cooperation.